Friday, September 28, 2007

Raya, 2 weeks & counting

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is two weeks away. I've just finally been able to take a breather from my surprisingly busy schedule since June. I have a scholarship that requires me to teach classes at my uni. I've been teaching biostatistics tutorial classes and supervised a few soil science lab classes. The biostatistics classes are actually quite fun to teach but the soil science lab classes (which are way out of my area of expertise & which i was forced to oversee by the graduate assistant supervisor) is a MAJOR bore. Watching people look at rocks and soil is boring. But i guess that's what other people say about entomologist and their bugs, heh heh. But hey... at least what i study are moves around, eats and procreates...... what do rocks & soil do???? NOTHING ......absolutely nothing. Some people might find it interesting, but I think I'll just concentrate on bugs for now.

The thing that has really taken up my time is marking assignments & lab reports week after week after week. I haven't had time to really do much of my research for almost 2 months & that's bad. I just can't wait for the undergrad semester to end so that I can have time to concentrate more on my research.

Ohhhh, on a lighter note, I watched the Transformers movie it was SUPERB. Lots of great effects and of course there's Josh Duhamel, can't ever go wrong there. Absolutely yummy. But i wish he had a stronger more solid role in the movie. He was definitely more of a supporting character, hmmmm but what a yummy supporting character he was. Didn't have the time to watch Die hard 4 but i will get the DVD soon. I wouldn't have passed over the chance to see bruce willis if i hadn't had soo much work to finish up. But that's just how my world is nowadays. It was never like this when I was doing my masters.

If you haven't read the Harry potter & the deathly hollows or don't plan to read the book or have no interest whatsoever in it, do not continue reading this part of the posting. SPOILERS abound in this next paragraph

I did manage to finish the FINAL Harry Potter book (HP & The Deathly hollows). I might actually still be grieving over the fact that Dumbledore is really dead and that *sob sob* Fred is dead. My heart still aches when I think about it. I know he's just a character in a book but when you've been reading about them and following their adventures and mischiefs from start till end you feel connected. That's the magic of books such as this. They draw you into the world that you're reading, makes you connect with the characters & makes you fall in love with them. I love the Weasley twins. They're part of why the potter books are so fun because they epitomise fun. I liked the ending but I felt that it lacked something. I'm not sure what yet. I need to read the book again. But I just can't bring myself to read it again just yet. Maybe i should put the book in a freezer like Joey (from TV series Friends). I still don't really get why he put the book in a freezer. If anyone knows why please tell me.

Okay ciao for now.


At 1/10/07 6:07 pm, Blogger blog owner said...

oh aku still tak paham psl connection you have with all HP books and movies...

im more connected to chick flick and chic lit hahahhaaha!!

no brainer i am.

At 1/10/07 10:14 pm, Blogger je@ said...

aku pun tak paham.. hehehe...

At 2/10/07 1:26 am, Blogger Kancilzilla said...

And chick flicks are not movies??


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