Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Long Blograture Hiatus!!!

Yeah, I know. It's been a long time since my last update. The reason:

1. Was just not in the mood. Plus the blog fever in me was temporarily quelled due to reason number two.

2. Had a lot of stuff to do.... that is putting some finishing touches to my thesis. BTW, since the last time I updated i've actually submitted the required 10 copies of thesis (yup, 10 copies). Yeaaaaaaaaaa for me!!!!!!! So on the 1st of June I will be facing a required viva voce, which means that i have to defend my thesis to the death (nah, not really to the death but you get the idea). Frankly i have a fear of public speaking and this viva voce really scares me. I'm actually stressed. I never usually get stressed. I mean, I'm an Aries, a goat. I don't get stressed. Goats are the most laid back animals in the horoscope kingdom, at least i think they are. Heh! Anyway, I hope I do well. All i can do now is prepare myself and DO my best.

So, please wish me luck. I promise I'll update my blog more regularly. Try to be patient with me. Look up on my blog from time to time to see if I do update.


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