Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blogging Sabbatical

I know, I know..........I did it again. I neglected to update my blog. But those who know me.......should know I don't treat my blog like a diary. I've never even kept a consistent written diary for that matter. Anyway, my point is, if you really know me..... then, you'd know to just bare with me ....... and once in a blue moon check on my blog. To paraphrase Forrest Gump "My blog is like a box of chocolate you never know what you're gonna get"or when you're gonna get it.

I like chocolate but i hate the guilty feeling i get after eating it. But i've really always been more of a potato chip, keropok and salty junk food kinda girl. Although, I can proudly say that I've stopped eating junk food ever since I lost weight by following a healthy balanced diet (more vege, less carbs with a healthy helping of proteins). I'm really proud of myself, I can even walk by a McDonalds now without craving a Double cheeseburger or some other McFat value meal they offer. Though I still feel incredibly envious when i see my 'oh- so- Slim- i- don't- have- to- diet/exercise-but-can-still-eat-all-I-want-friends ....continue to eat what they want and even have supper at night. I can't even enjoy pisang goreng in the evening without it all going to my hips and staying there permanently. Sigh*

I've started my Ph.D studies, though have yet to really start doing any real lab work. Been extremely busy filling in forms, going to interviews and basically trying to convince people that i'm-a-super-competent-researcher to get money to start my research. I've actually spent an enormous amount of time during the past 5 months on trying to convince people that I deserve the money to conduct my research. I can tell you now that it's not easy. So, to whoever out there that says that I'm not getting enough of a challenge because I didn't choose to do my Ph.D studies in some overpriced, snooty sounding overseas university ..... I say come try what I'm doing and see how long you'll last. To those who've chosen to do their Ph.D overseas, i say "hats off to you" but I wouldn't do it unless you fully fund my research, Heh! Heh!

I also hate those who say that an oversea Ph.D degree would be more valuable than a local one. I could say that the people who say this are ignorant. Local uni's now, especially research-intensive uni's are gaining international recognition despite that whole mess about local uni's dropping in the international rating. Hey, I don't care what anyone says but being anywhere near the 100's or in the 200's is pretty damn good and IMHO, research based postgraduate studies can be done anywhere assuming of course you've found an academic supervisor with the necessary expert background that fits your needs. Plus, it's not easy to find a good supervisor (locally or overseas) and by good i mean one who has impeccable academic qualifications and one who will not make your life a living hell. What do I mean by that, well you'd have to live the life to truly understand it.

I also REALLY hate it when people say too me "Kalau belajar overseas boleh gain experience". Well, excuse me, I beg to differ, I can bloody well get experience here. Of course it's a different sort of experience but an experience nonetheless. Do these people really think that pursuing a Ph.D degree locally is a cake-walk, a walk in a park, a stroll on a beach or some other euphamism for a really easy time. Another line that's also a favorite among those nosy relatives is "belajar oversea lagi bagus" (which basically translates to, "when you come back you can look really posh and can brag about how posh you are by sticking a really posh sounding university sticker on your somewhat posh looking car"). Don't get me wrong I'm not dissing those who've chosen to study overseas, again i say, if that's what you've decided then congratulations. I just really dislike it when those other people get all up in my face about my choices.My point is, don't belittle my education and stop hounding me about my choice to do my Ph.D locally, in the end it's me who'll do the experiencing part of the deal not you.

Hoooookay! Rant definitely over and done with. Till my next, hopefully more cheerful and not too out-dated posting. My next post could be about F1. Though i must say, that posting might not be too cheerful as well due to Kimi going over to Ferrari. I can't support Kimi anymore, because I won't ever support Ferrari. I'll always support Mclaren, cause that's the team that made me fall in love with F1 in the first place.


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