Sunday, May 20, 2007

Formula1 Blues

I've got the formula 1 blues. I haven't watched the last 4 F1 GP races because I felt really sad about kimi going going over to Ferrari. I know that this news is not exactly new, I knew about it ever since the end of the 2006 season but I was hoping it wasn't true then. I felt part of the thrill of watching F1 had dissapeared when Kimi joined the Prancing Pansy....errr the prancing Pony?......okay, okay....... the Prancing horse. The other part of why I love F1 is of course the racing teams and I support Mclaren. I do NOT or will I EVER support Ferrari.

Now that reality has finally set in and it's clear that Kimi is indeed wearing the red Ferrari outfit (the colour red doesn't suit him by the way) I think I'm finally ready to watch F1 again because as I said Kimi or the driver element (I used to support Mika Hakkinen before he retired) is only part of why I love F1. Now that i've sufficiently grieved over the Kimi's desertion of Mclaren, I'm ready to move on. Luckily Mclaren has provided me with a sufficient boost in enthusiasm for F1 again in the form of the suprisingly good newbie Lewis Hamilton. He's even better than 2 time world champion and team mate Fernando Alonso. Which makes my coming back to watching F1 easier.

I must say that it hasn't been easy watching Mclaren floundering around the F1 tracks ever since the team started slipping in the ranks in 2002. You could say that it was almost painful to watch them lose to Ferrari and Williams and then to Renault. Which brings me to another problem I have with F1 this season, Fernando Alonso. He was the driver that gave Renault their 2nd victory last year and now I'm suppose to support him. It's difficult for me to change allegiences at a drop of a hat, I'm surprisingly loyal when it comes to the things that I'm passionate about. So, that's why it's a relief to have Lewis Hamilton in Mclaren to distract me from having to support Alonso. All in all, I'm finally recovering from the F1 blues and I'm ready to watch the motor sport that I so very much love, again. Just in time for the gp in Monaco too I might add. I wouldn't miss the gp in Monaco for the world. It's one of the most interesting and unique grand prixs in F1.

I'm also happy to see that Michelin no longer supplies tyres to any of the F1 teams this season. I remember the Indianapolis debacle all to clearly in my mind and I'm glad that Mclaren is back on bridgestone tyres. There's also a new Finn in Formula 1 (Heikki Kovalainen), he's currently with Renault and I'll be keeping an eye on him, see how good he is and whether he compares to the other Finns racer like Kimi and Hakkinen. Maybe one day Mclaren might have a new Finnish driver. Ooohhh, can't wait to see. This is very promising indeed.


At 22/5/07 7:08 pm, Blogger je@ said...

yes..the red color doesnt't suit kimi..he looked out of place.. and stressed too, if i might add..

i can't support ALONSO too.. I don't know why..I just can't.. :-)

Hamilton is good..and he is the new Mclaren star..

U shud hv watched the last 4 GP's..especially the 3rd one.. Best gile siot.. :-)

Monaco is waiting..don't miss it dear..

Anyways..welcome back!!

At 23/5/07 1:52 am, Blogger kancilzilla said...

Takde mood nak tgk the 1st 4 gp. Frust nak mampus. Saw him wearing red on the news, I changed the channel. another reason i missed the 1st 4 gp's is because i wanted to see if mclaren still ada reliability problems. If they continued to have them I would probably have missed the entire season. Because enough is enough, it's about time mclaren stepped up. But, now that the problem seems to be solved, I'll watch the rest of the season. I have also NEVER ever missed watching Monaco.

At 24/5/07 3:12 pm, Blogger muna said...

ehehhehe, u exactly mirror my thought :P love for kimi and mclaren and hate for ferrari and alonso. anyhow, i recover faster than u. i keep on thinking "as long as ferrari gives him a strong car so that he'd be wdc.." but after 3 races, macam terdetik plak kat hati, mclaren dah okay, kimi's ferrari plak ada reliability problem last race, adakah ia pembalasan sebab kimi left mclaren? huhuhuhu hopefully not.

and yes, i do agree lewis is a sensational and a good distraction :D i just hope that if kimi tak dapat gaks jadik wdc, lewis should have it, and beat alonso as the youngest f1 champion ever


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