Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Back from the holidays

I'm back from the holidays! It was great. It's almost a year since i've been home and the two week holiday i took was well deserved. The fasting month was great. I might've lost some weight (thru fasting) but i'm not sure because i haven't weighed myself lately. Anyway it doesn't matter because i've probably gained back the weight i've lost due to all the hari raya goodies.

There isn't much to tell really. My holiday was pretty much uneventful, not counting the incident where i had accidently picked up a small lizard tail under the dining table. I mistook it for a piece of noodle. Ughhh! My cat was playing around with a lizard it had caught and the lizard shed its tail to confuse my cat. But unlucky for it, my cat was not that dumb to fall for a silly trick like that. Other than that incident i enjoyed my holiday back home.


At 29/11/05 8:06 pm, Blogger Digger said...

Greece was fantastic; did you get to look at all the pictures ?? 200 in all. Sounds like you enjoyed being home. we have a mouse in our cellar and our cat has been spending a lot of time down there. We don't have lizards at this latitude so she has to be content with mice.
My site on Amazing flash was dumped, the Pursuit of Happiness. The main site seemed to just go off the air for about a week or so then when it came back my site was gone and I can't re-register. Oh well, it was fun putting it together.
Time really has a way of slipping by, it's almost New Years again !! All the best to you in 2006, take care,

At 3/12/05 1:43 am, Blogger Digger said...

Yo, goat girl; if you'd like to see what I've been doin'
this is what my portal site looks like
Hope you don't mind the use of a nickname; I think it suits your zodiac and personality that shines through on your blog in a good way.

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