Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Iceman Rulez!!!

Kimi was great in The Japan gp. It doesn't make a difference really because Alonso has already won the championship and is now the youngest driver ever to bla.... bla...bla.. yeah okay, whatever. Eventhough Kimi can't win the championship, he nevertheless did amazingly well in the Japan GP. He worked his way up from 17th (last) place and overtook Fisichella with a simple but brilliant manoeuvre on the last lap to win the race. It was racing at its best. I was at the edge of my seat. I only wished that the Mclaren team was in this shape at the start of the racing season. I hope that they'll continue to make improvements to this year's model to make it an even better and more reliable car.

Realibility seems to play a big role in F1 because Alonso has only six wins compared to Kimi who has 7. Logically Kimi should have won the championship because he has 7 wins but reliability wins over speed. The Renault team seem to have better reliability that the Mclarens. Alonso always finishes a race, while Kimi is plagued by engine and other technical problems. Anyway, here hoping that next season will be THE season for Kimi.


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