Friday, July 22, 2005

Understanding all the isms: A matter of perception

The terrorists have struck again in London. These terrorist make life difficult for everyone. It isn’t safe for anyone to travel. Those from Islamic countries not necessarily from the Middle East are finding it harder to get acceptance into colleges and universities in the UK and US. What’s going on? Maybe people should understand what terrorism is and what causes it.

Fundamentalism, totalitarianism and extremism exist in every society. The Christians themselves have had their fair share of fundamentalism. The road to civilization is red with the blood spilled by Christians as they trampled over others. Every society, religion and civilization is guilty of one of these three isms one time or another. Fundamentalism is a term used to describe strict adherence to beliefs or religious doctrines based on literal interpretations of the teachings of that religion or belief. Often, the perpetrators of fundamentalism will try to force their beliefs or religion onto others. When these fundamentalist or extremists exists, then the weapon in which they use to force their beliefs on others can be seen. It exists everywhere, in all societies and religions. What weapon is that? No, it’s not weapons of mass destruction…..terrorism is their weapon. Terrorism exists in many forms but it is basically the use of force and violence to strike fear in whom ever it is directed at. But who's to say who the bigger terrorist is or what act of terrorism is more devastating, more cruel? Let's try to answer these questions by using some pictures and i'll give you my answer as we go along.

Which of these leaders is guilty of terrorism?
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My answer to this question is perception. The answer simply depends on who you are and where you're from.

Which of these acts of violence, devastation and cruelty is a terrorist act?

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Again the answer depends on your perception.

As I've said the answer to these questions is simple...... all of it, is a matter of perception. It is the condition in which you are in that defines terrorists and their acts. If you are in the shoes of the Americans, then Osama or the Al-Qaeda are the terrorists. If you’re looking at it from the stand point of the Iraqis who’ve lost family members in America and the coalition of the willing war against terrorism, or from the view point of the prisoners tortured in the Abu Ghraib prison then the terrorist are/is the American soldiers and/or G.W Bush or the members of the coalition of the willing. If you’re a Palestinian, then the terrorist are Ariel Sharon and the Israeli soldiers bombing your homes and killing your children. If your last name is Bush and G.W Bush is a close relative of yours then you’ll say the terrorist is Saddam and his hidden stockpile of weapons of mass destruction. So, you see, what defines fundamentalism, extremism, terrorism and all other violent ‘isms is perception. If efforts are not made to reach a neutral stand point then there will be no peace and there will be no end to terrorism.


At 28/7/05 4:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All four leaders and all three incidents are terroristic. you are absolutely right when you suspect all should take time to look at themselves.

We had another form of disaster; 4 inches of rain in 20 minutes and 8 1/2 (21.5 cm)inches of raw sewage which took over sixty hours to and I'm still cleaning corners. It's been a busy week. Forty years ago in the mid-sixties we had postal box bombers in Montreal. It took me over fifteen years to be able to mail a letter at anywhere but a Post Office. It is very difficult to defend against terrorism but we have to try !!


At 30/7/05 6:18 pm, Blogger kancilzilla said...

Postal bombers? Bombs in the mail or bombs in mail boxes. Whatever it was must've been scary. Here in malaysia we've had our fare share of terrorist and extremist. There was a group called the Al- Maaunah that recruited very educated people, bussinesmen, academics and some high ranking army personnel. They started stockpiling weapons and they wanted to topple the malaysian governmnet. They wanted to form their own 'Islamic government' as if the one we have now is not islamic enough. anyway, they ended up kidnapping a few people and they murdered them in a very horrible and ghastly was awful and terrifying to think that these highly educated people could be behave in such a way. I just hope the world can find some form of peace in the years to come because these last few years have been really unsettlling.

At 2/8/05 7:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The outcome of the postbox bombings finally concluded withthe kidnapping of a diplomat and a politician. Our Prime Minister (TRudeau at the time) activated the War Measures Act, all military was on alert, the Diplomat (British High Commissioner) was returned "unharmed" after twelve days. However, the Politician was not so lucky, he was found murdered in the trunk of a car. It seems all so senseless. But, as you say it depends on your perspective. If you witness the way some people are living in desperation and the need to break out becomes apparent. Will it ever end??? Each of us has to find peace within ourselves to be able to project it on to others.
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At 3/9/05 1:42 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have not heard from you in some time, are you okay ???

i'm back !!


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