Monday, June 20, 2005

Michelin's Indianapolis Debacle

Q: What do you get when only 2 ferraris, 2 Jordans and 2 minardis race in a Formula 1 GP?
A: A Ferrari Parade

The US GP was a total let down. It will forever be known as the worst and the most controversial race in Formula1 history. Only Six cars raced in the Indianapolis Circuit…..SIX, 2 cars per team. That translates to only 3 racing teams. Yeah……only three bloody teams raced last weekend, Ferrari, Jordan and Minardi. You can’t even call it a race, it was a fluke, a farce and another F-letter word combined with the word ‘Up’. The race was over before it started. The two other teams were no match for the prancing ponies…..opps! I mean the Prancing Pansies…. err….heh heh! I mean for godsakes Minardis were lapped……TWICE!!!

The teams with Michelins tires should have raced. After all, the FIA had allowed the teams to race as long as they slowed down at turn 13. But the team managers had to demand that the FIA break the rules and handicap the teams running with bridgestone tires or add a chicane at turn 13. You can’t just simply change the rules according to the way you like it. It wouldn’t be called rules if you’re able to change it to suit your needs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I’m taking Ferraris side. I just don’t see why the Michelin runners had to walk out of the race. They’re saying it’s because of safety concerns, and if I were to put myself in the Team Manager's shoes I'd be concerned about safety too. However, Michelin did say that it would be safe as long as they slowed down at turn 13. It is indeed a very controversial and delicate issue.

What a major screw up for the Michelins runners. What were they thinking….butting heads with the FIA. They should have known better. Why did they walk out of the race? Frankly, I think they should have just shut-up, complied with the FIA and raced. At least they could have gained some points from the race and maybe they could have still held the Ferraris back. But now they've helped Ferrari to gain a substantial foothold in both the drivers and constructors championship. Yeah....way to go guys.....great job. Schumi is now only 3 points away from Kimi and Ferrari is now tied with Mclaren in the Constructors championship.


At 21/6/05 5:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michelin sucks!!!

At 23/6/05 7:00 pm, Blogger kancilzilla said...

yup....michelin sucks bigtime. If i were to sue michelin, i'd sue them for idiocy.

At 30/6/05 7:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's the next race ??

At 8/7/05 12:24 pm, Blogger kancilzilla said...

Well last weekend was in France at the Magny Cours Circuit and on the 10th will be at the silverstone circuit in Britain. I'm sure there won't be the regular champaigne celebration at the podium out of respect to the victims of the London bombings. But the race must go on.


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