Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Finn is back with Mclaren

It is with absolute and overwhelming relieve that I tell all you Mclaren Fans that Heiki Kovalainen, a Finn, has joined the Mclaren Mercedes F1 team. Buh-bye Alonso, never liked you even when you were with renault. I say good riddance because he didn't work well with the team and this caused a lot of problems. Even though he seem to do well in the drivers championship. But things were not well in Mclaren. At one point it seems that he wasn't even on speaking terms with team boss Ron Dennis.

Mclaren has just never been the same since the last Finn driver on the team left and joined Ferrari. I'm talking of course about Kimi. Mclaren needs its Finnish drivers. When Hakkinen left Mclaren, the team was already starting to slip down the constructor's standing, but Kimi provided new hope for the team. Mclaren didn't shoot towards the top when Kimi joined the team but at least he made them stay afloat and everyone in the team worked well together.

When Kimi left Mclaren, it looked as though Mclaren was doing well. Then the spying controversy came out and showed that Mclaren just fell apart in terms of teamwork. When I say 'fell apart', I'm talking about the team and not Hamilton. Mclaren just lost the ability to work as a team thus making them weaker and probably contributed to the need of getting confidential information on Ferrari. If they were better at working together I'm sure Hamilton would have been way ahead of the other drivers in the drivers' championship and there would have been no need for stupid ferrari information. Thank god Hamilton was cool-headed enough to ignore all those negative things and drive himself up the ranks. That at least was something to be happy about. Other than that last year was a dismal year for Mclaren's reputation and a shaky year in terms of teamwork.

As I said, last season was very dissapointing for me. I had to get over the fact that Kimi left Mclaren and joined, of all teams, Ferrari. I still can't get over it actually. I can't ever support him as long as he stays in Ferrari. Then the ugly spying controversy that stripped Mclaren of all their points happened. But thankfully this did not strip Hamilton of his points. I must say I was shocked over that piece of nasty news. Maybe even dissapointed at Mclaren.

But I'm a very loyal person so I'm going to stick with Mclaren. I hope they can make up or recover from that big smear on their name and maybe even win the constructor's and driver's title next season. I didn't watch that much F1 last season because of the reasons that i've stated. It was just too disappointing, even though Hamilton slightly made up for it by his brilliant performance. Now that all the nasty business is behind them, I'm looking forward to watching all the GP's this year. I'm hoping Mclaren will step up to the plate and beat ferrari and renault's asses errrrr....... I mean tail wings.

I feel relieved now that Alonso has left Mclaren and is back with renault. I'm hoping that the Hamilton-Kovalainen combination will be as strong or even stronger that the Hakkinen-Coulthard team of the past. Now those two made Mclaren a team to be reckoned with. They worked well together and enjoyed a healthy competitive relationship within the team. As far as I know (meaning since I started to have an interest in F1), they were one of longest drivers to stay together in one team.


At 10/1/08 10:52 pm, Blogger je@ said...

huwaa..aku baru jek nak add entry pasal heiki..ko dah buat dulu.. anyways, i am delighted that heiki becomes lewis team mate.. yes, u r absolutely right, hakkinen & coulthard were the best team-mates i have ever seen so far... well, mcm irama dan lagu, Mclaren dan Finnish driver tak leh laa dipisahkan, kan..hehehe...

i was quite upset too about the spying controversy..hope this year no more controversy and mclaren can win both the constructors dan drivers championship..

p.s: honestly, i felt happy too when kimi won last was a long awaited victory for him..sadly, it doesn't happen when he was in mclaren.. :-(

At 11/1/08 12:24 am, Blogger Kancilzilla said...

Heh heh. Aku excited gila bila nampak kovalainen berdiri depan kete mclaren. Terus buat entry dlm blog.

Mcm irama dan lagu....ekekkeke. I like that.

Yup, Hopefully this time, mclaren can redeem themselves and once again be the team that I loved in the beginning masa zaman kegemilangan dgn hakkinen dulu. Mclaren was so great then.

I wish Kimi had won while he was with Mclaren too. Too bad.


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