Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What makes me cry

I don't know if i cry a lot compared to others. But if i look back, i can recall the times i've cried and why. This is probably because i have more happy times compared with sad times and therefore it's easier to remember the sad times. So I decided to list out the things that make me cry. These things don't neccessarily make me sad or i don't neccessarily cry when these things happen. But they do make me cry sometimes. Other times it makes me angry or just sad (minus the crying).

I cry when: (Not necessarily in the following order):

1. I'm watching sad movies. A good example of this is the movie 'I am Sam'.

2. Someone I love or care about passes away.

3. When that 'time of the month' arrives. This only happens sometimes, othertimes I get really cranky and I get easily irritated.

4. A family member or someone i know is inconsiderate to me when i've tried so hard to be considerate to them.

5. A friend gets angry at me over a small matter.

6. I have an argument with my mother(I'm sorry when that happens mama. But I promise I do have more self-control these days)

7. A family member fights or has a bad argument with another family member.


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