Sunday, April 17, 2005

What makes me happy

I think that I'm a happy go lucky person. When something makes me sad or angry, I don't stay that way for long. I know a few people who just seem to be sad and melancholic most of the time and i just want to scream at these people "OH, FOR HEAVEN SAKE, DON'T TAKE THINGS SO SERIOUSLY". Life doesn't have to be that serious. Do something that is not something silly.... just do SOMETHING. Maybe, read a good book, and here a good book means a book that is not intellectual in nature, is just for fun and doesn't have to be logical, something preferable fiction in nature...... reading this type of book is called escapism, where you escape from reality just for a while. Another idea is to watch a silly movie or find a favourite tv series and try to catch that show every week or you could just find a HOBBY BESIDES MOPING!!!

As for me, it doesn't take much to make me happy. I dont need my friends to say nice things about me or notice when i'm feeling sad or go out to watch a movie with me or give/buy me anything (All that's just a bonus, it makes me happy if they do it and if they don't then it's no big deal). What makes me happy is when my friends ask me for help and when I'm able to help them. It also makes me happy when my friends are there for me, when i need them.

I don't need to travel around the world, climb mount everest, hike through the amazon or any forest for that matter. I don't mind staying in one place for extended periods of time but i'm also able to adapt to my new surroundings if and when I have to move somewhere else. I guess i'm able to do that because when i was in primary school, my family used to move around a lot. My father had this job with the ministry of education and he was always being stationed in different places. I had to change schools 3 times before secondary school, so I had three different primary schools and no childhood friends. I just didn't stay in one place long enough to have one. I had to adapt to new surroundings 3 times when i was 7 (1st year of primary school is a new experience for everyone), 10 and 12 years old. That was difficult for me, having new surroundings, new friends and new teachers. So having learned to adapt myself in new surroundings early on in life has made it very easy for me to do it now. What i'm trying to say, especially to those melancholic type people is LEARN TO ADAPT to your surroundings. If you have to stay in one place for a long time, then LEARN to ADAPT to that situation. In other words.... grow up!

I always find ways to be happy just where i am and i love the direction my life is heading right now. I find hapiness in the most simplest things in life, things like, a nice cool rainy day, a hot cup of coffee, a good book or just having a nice laugh with my friends when we watch a silly or funny movie or a good sitcom on tv. Actually all I need to be happy is just to choose to be happy.


At 20/4/05 9:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been away for a while, glad to see you're happy; belated birthday greetings to you.
A friend sent me a neat site; click for a bit of frivolity ot here for some mystic stuff.


At 30/4/05 11:13 pm, Blogger kancilzilla said...

Thanks. I've been away too, i was in KL for six days. Glad to hear from you again. I see you've changed the picture in your profile... it's Joey isn't it.. your dog? That's definitely a much better picture, really cute too.

At 5/11/07 7:51 pm, Anonymous OGI said...

I`m from Serbia and i used your content for my english homework. I got A+ and hope that you are not mad.

At 7/1/08 6:42 pm, Blogger Kancilzilla said...

Dear Ogi,

Oh wow, I'm not mad at at all. In fact I never realized that I could help someone without even knowing it. Now that I know I'm happy. If you ever read this... tell me what the homework was about?


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