Sunday, March 06, 2005

where do i fit in?

I figured out why in my mind, i file people according to behaviour and not generalize them (refer to my prev post: "Human filing system"). It's probably because, if i were to use the race, religion etc. filing system then i wouldn't have a file where i fit in. I'm half malay and half chinese.... so if i were to adopt the other system than where do I fit in?

Say hypothetically that I'm business savy and calculating.... someone could say something like "Yeah, she's like that coz she's chinese"..... oh but wait....hold the phone.... I'm only half chinese! So, where, pray tell, do I fit in thatperson's filing system?

So, I really believe that the generalization of people according to their race, religion or background is just a faulty system.Where would i fit in that system???


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