Saturday, March 05, 2005

Human Filing system

I've noticed that people like to categorize the behaviour of other people according to race, religion or nationality. I've heard some terrible generalization from people I know. I HATE these kind of generalization but it always happens and people around me seem to just love doing it. They like to generalize others with words like lazy, untrustworthy, back-stabbers, greedy, fanatics, snakes and other nasty stuff simply based on their ethnicity, faith or nationality.

I on the other hand have always tried to mantain a filing system in my mind that categorizes people according to behaviour, instead of categorizing people's behaviour according to race, religion etc. I may slip up sometimes and a stray, race, religion or nationality file does slip into my filing system but i'm usually able to weed out those stray files.

When i meet someone, i usually file them under "Generally Good Person". As i get to know that person better, I observe how he/she behaves and i'll then file them under a more specific file. I have positif and negative behaviour files.... and i notice that under these files they are people of different races and religions. So, i know that all races, faiths, nationality etc. have their fair share of lazy untrustworthy back-stabbing fanatics.Humans will be humans no matter what their background is.


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