Monday, February 28, 2005

Perencah Nasi Kandar

A friend of a friend came over to Penang recently. It was her first trip to Penang and her first trip out from her hometown. I've met people who have lived their whole lives in their hometown before and didn't think it was weird or anything. But it is a little funny when an adult just doesn't know about what's going on outside their safe litte world.

Anyway, one evening, we made a trip to Georgetown as a way of introducing her to Penang and on the way there, we suggested to her that she shoud try nasi kandar coz everyone says that a trip to Penang is not complete without eating nasi kandar. Personally, I don't see what the fuss is all about. It's actually just rice with lots and lots of curry. I don't know, maybe it's because i've been in Penang for quite some time and i just don't find it special anymore.

This friend of my friend was curious about nasi kandar. She's never seen it, she's heard of it but has never seen what it looks like. Now she seemed a little clueless about things outside her hometown but I just didn't realize how clueless she really was until she said "Nasi kandar tu best ke? Apa yg special nyer? Kalau sedap nanti boleh le aku beli perencah dia, boleh le aku masak bila balik kampung nanti. Mana nak cari perencah nasi kandar?"

We all laughed then, we just couldn't help it. My friend said to her clueless friend, while wiping the tears from her eyes "Wei, ko ingat nasi kandar tu cam mana? Cam nasi briyani.... ada perencah? Nasib baik ko tak tanya soalan tu kat kedai mamak"
Eventually we managed to stop laughing. It's lucky that she's quite a sporting girl. If I were in her shoes i'd be really annoyed at us for laughing.


At 4/3/05 4:11 pm, Anonymous yan said...

huhuhu..if its a joke..i guess it really a good one. never thought of perencah nasi kandaq! khaleel,subaidah,pelita and kayu should starts they next biznes venture - perencah nasi kandaq!


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