Friday, February 25, 2005

Thesis devotion

As you can see I haven't been updating my blog for 5 days now. My devotion to my thesis writing is really taking up a lot of my time. If I were writing my thesis in the research lab at the bio school then i'd easily be able to keep my blog up to date, coz the internet connection there is on 24 hours a day. But sometimes after typing paragraph after paragraph of entomological facts and staring at the computer screen for 6-7 hours, I just have to collapse into bed and sleep. I just don't have the energy to get up, get the telephone wire, connect it to my laptop, wait to connect to the internet then think up something interesting to write in my blog.
Today, I've already used up loads of brain juice to just write up the introduction to the 3rd chapter of my thesis, the title of which is: THE SEASONAL ABUNDANCE OF SYNANTHROPIC FLY POPULATIONS IN TWO URBAN LOCATIONS.
Anyways, I've discovered that studying flies is certainly interesting but writing about studying them is migraine generating hard. I'd rather go back to my earlier research days where all i had to do was sit next to a dumpster under the hot sun and count flies landing on putrid and smelly garbage. Imagine that!


At 26/2/05 11:42 am, Blogger Puteri said...

when the going gets tough, the tough hits the bed and sleep.


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