Saturday, February 12, 2005

Late, rude and misunderstood

This is a funny true story, told to me by a friend. This friend of mine used to work as a lecturer in a local university. She was teaching a small class of about 15 students and there were several new foreign students in the class. English is a second language to these students and their english was heavily accented. One day, while teaching the class, another new foreign student burst in, all flustered and sweaty. He was about 15 minutes late. My friend however did not mind him being late, all that mattered to her was that her students show up in class. She asked him to find a seat so that she could continue with the lecture.
He, however, looked at my friend and said in heavily accented english "I'm sorry I very late. I could not fuck...... because I not finding fucking space". My friend was shocked when she heard this but she thought to herself that she may have heard wrong. So she said " Excuse me, what did you say". He then repeated the same thing to her. She was starting to get red in the face, angry that he could be so rude and vulgar to her.
But his friend came to his rescue and said " I think he's trying to say that he could not park because he could not find a parking space". At this my friend started to laugh, she could not help herself. The poor late, rude and misunderstood guy could only smile sheepishly at her. He probably didn't understand why she was laughing.


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