Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Only time will tell

Yes, that's right. Time will tell. When will i finish my thesis. Only time will tell. When will i finally have that M.Sc title that no one but me will care about, to put behind my name only in a resume. Time will tell. When will my nosy relatives stop asking me if i already have a boyfriend. time will tell. Why did i choose that saying as the title of my blog and of my first ever posting...... that i'll tell you now.

The point of my ramblings is this: i think people are just too stressed out nowadays. Many are just stressing their way into an early grave. Just stop trying to rush things along. Everything will fit into place if you just have a little patience. a.k.a don't sweat the small stuff. Heh, Okay...okay... i know I'm getting too corny or cliched here. But bare with me. I'm not always the positive life affirming person that i am (ha ha)..... okay, no, i actually am seldom that. Sometimes reality pretty much sucks. But usually i do try to take things easy.

For example, I've learned not to panic (too much) when i can't find something that's really important or something that i really need to use that day/ even some expensive trinket that i've misplaced or simply can't find eventhough i'm sure it's in the house. This is a trivial problem but it can drive you nuts. Does that ever happen to you. You're looking for something you know is somewhere in the general area of the house but you just can't find the damn thing.
Well, when this happens i just relax (yeah sure, right after that initial frenzied, half crazy search and upturning of drawers) coz' it'll turn up eventually, when you're looking for the next thing that you've misplaced. That thing that you're looking for just never turns up when you're actually looking for it.

So just slow down dear frenzied, busy city folks..... enjoy life. It's a blast, if you actually take the time to slow down a little.


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